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Payment Policy

Mode of Payments?
For all domestic, we accept bank transfer & Demand Draft while for International clients, we accept Bank Transfers.

Payment policy?
We charge 100% advance upfront in view of the fact that many of the client don't pay or forget to pay us for more than 365 days.
To overcome this problem of non payment, there are 2 options i.e. either we increase rates to cover such contingencies or we charge upfront and offer a discount. In the first option, good paying clients also suffer as they are paying more than justified.

Volume Orders
We consider orders over 20000 words as volume orders. There is additional discount or 10% on such volume orders.

For volume orders we will charge for 15000 words in advance. After we deliver about 10000 words, you can make the next payment. Please contact to get the exact payment plan & delivery schedule of your job order.

Repeat orders
We value clients who place repeat orders for their translation requirements. Such clients will get a discount of 7% on all repeat orders.

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Terms and Conditions
As per agreement available on site which needs to be signed and adhered to by both the paties.
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