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Sub-Titling Services

Our subtitle translators are highly experienced in the art of subtitle translation. They realize that their job is not merely restricted to translating, but to localizing, as well.  Localization of movie subtitles demands fluency in the pertinent dialect and also the employment of culturally relevant idioms.

A proofreader then entirely revisits the primary translation and makes the necessary changes, if any to the translated document. The subtitle editor places the target language subtitles and sets screen for the placement of these subtitles as per the visual.

Translated subtitles undergo rewording in order to grant the vital meaning of the dialog to the subtitles also keeping in mind the time constraints of the on-screen video along with maintaining a comfortable reading rate for the viewer.

After wrapping up of the subtitle formatting and timing, the editor executes an initial evaluation by comparing the native-language subtitling against the source video to check the output for precision and timing.

We believe that AVs, Presentations, Films would be more meaningful with subtitling in the local language dialect. Our subtitle translation enables the production houses to compose their existing audio-visual programs in such a way that their composition is readable to the world wide audiences without them having to replace the original soundtrack.

We offer subtitling services for: