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Technical Translation

There is a need to watch out for translation of technical terminologies and words while translating technical documents. Special care needs to be taken because slight change in the meaning can have harmful effects. Also, the meaning of a technical name may change along with the application. It is important for the translator to be cautious of these aspects. The meaning may also change along with the region. Eg. Petrol in U.K and Gasoline in U.S.

Hence, it is absolutely essential that the respective translators possess the proven expertise in the field and solid technical understanding, while translating technical documents.

Our staff specializes in technical translation for organizations in various fields including aircraft and automotive industry, electrical engineering, medical equipment, telecommunications, physics, etc.

Manuals, user guides, product catalogues, help guides and other technical documents like engineering specifications, drawings, blueprints, advertising brochures, video presentations, reports and scientific journals all are translated by us.